3D Scanning & Modeling

3D scanning technology involves collecting information in complex locations. Using our scanning equipment, Shoemaker & Haaland captures nearly 1 million individual X, Y, & Z data points per second. In less than 10 minutes, the position and color of any visible objects or surfaces within 300-feet of the scanning equipment can be documented with an accuracy of ± 2mm. By repeating the scanning process throughout a specified area, Shoemaker & Haaland can create a three dimensional “point cloud.” Further processing allows all or parts of the cloud to be imported into design software to create a model of existing features.

Point clouds allow engineers, designers, and clients to access the same data in a 3D model. Modeling increases efficiency by allowing team members to take measurement from the model and decreasing design conflicts. This level of access to the data improves the design process by minimizing the need for additional site visits and reduces the amount of time to gather additional information.


  • As-Built Documentation
  • Existing Conditions, Piping & Instrumentation, and Precise Management
  • Retrofitting of Structures
  • Quality Control & Quality Assurance


  • Measure Complex & Congested Areas
  • Document Hazardous Areas
  • Reduce Time Spent On-Site and Frequency of Site Visits
  • Reduce Contractor Requests for Information