Cherokee Trail Phases I, IIA, & IIB

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Phase I Completed 2020
Phase IIA Completed 2021
IIB Under Construction

The Cherokee Trail Phase I & II trail extensions are part of the larger Cedar Rapids Comprehensive Trail Plan Primary Connectivity multi modal connectivity system. Phase I consists of 1.2 miles of new 10-foot-wide asphalt trail including both on and off-street segments connecting Morgan Creek County Park to Cherry Hill Park. This phase features an alignment that minimizes the impact to adjacent properties and maximizes the trail user experience. Phase II consists of 1.7 miles of new trail with on and off-street segments. This trail features an on-street bicycle boulevard, an off-street 10-foot-wide asphalt section through Cherokee Trail Park, and a new 60-foot long and 14-foot-wide trail bridge crossing Vinton Ditch.

Project Scope: Legal Survey, Right of Way, Mini-Roundabouts, Storm Sewer, Water Main, Roadway Design, Roadway Reconstruction, Neighborhood & Property Owner Meetings, and Bridge Hydraulics.