Manufacturing Facility Upgrade

Shoemaker & Haaland provided structural and civil engineering for this manufacturing facility upgrade project. The project included the conversion of existing steam equipment to natural gas-fired equipment. The project consisted of a new 26,730-foot energy center, 625-feet of cast-in-place steam tunnel, and 560-feet of pipe rack. The design included new underground tunnels and the construction of a new energy boiler building. Shoemaker & Haaland worked with mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and contractors throughout the design process to create structures that met the client’s needs while providing the most economical solutions.

Project Scope: Roof Truss Site Inspection & Documentation, Truss Reinforcement, Support Frame Details & locations, Pipe Rack Support & Design, Technical Specifications, Foundation & Grade Beam Dimensions & Details, Shoring, Construction Plan Set, Shop Drawing Review, and Site Visits.