Old Town Condominiums

Coralville, Iowa

The Old Town Condominiums I & II project consists of two four-story mixed-use buildings with 81,000 square feet of covered parking, commercial retail, and living space. Shoemaker & Haaland worked closely with the architect to layout the support structure components and provided options for the team to review. The selected layout was then detailed and Shoemaker & Haaland was available for questions throughout the construction process.

The ground floor levels consist of masonry block walls and wood framing with a steel structure supporting the upper levels. Wood framed walls, the elevator shafts, and ground floor masonry demising wall provided the lateral resistance system for the building. Soil on site was suitable for typical shallow spread and wall footings. Shoemaker & Haaland was tasked with the complete structural design of both buildings.

Project Scope: Project Management, Foundation Design, Masonry Elevator Shaft Design, and Steel & Wood Frame Superstructure Design