Rohert Road SW Over Mooney Creek

Johnson County, Iowa

Shoemaker & Haaland was selected by Johnson County Secondary Roads to perform surveying services for the Rohert Road Bridge Over Mooney Creek project. Surveying services included right-of-way acquisition plats and temporary easements with individual plats and legal descriptions for each landowner along the project corridor. New right-of-way corner pins were set including setting a steel post with a right-of-way sign near each marker. New corner certificates for each corner reset were prepared. A field survey was performed to reset property corner monuments that were disturbed during project construction. A topographic survey was performed with traditional GPS and total station equipment in conjunction with data generated from an aerial drone survey.

Project Scope: Right-of-Way Acquisition Plats, Temporary Construction Easements, Right-of-Way Corner Pins, Right-of-Way Signposts, Resetting Section Corners with Certificates, Monument Preservation Plat, and Drone Survey Point Cloud